Shiboomi is an international strategy, corporate development, financial, and leadership consulting firm that was founded in 2003.  Shiboomi’s mission is to offer comprehensive services to help companies and organizations navigate critical points in their development cycles.  In this capacity, Shiboomi specializes in the creation and execution of strategic growth opportunities including developing and executing strategic plans and partnerships, market penetration and expansion programs, new market strategies, financial strategies, and other corporate development programs for our clients.  Shiboomi also specializes in leadership consulting & strategy development at times of growth, corporate change, transition, and/or crisis.  In addition to executing projects on behalf of our clients, the Shiboomi team also invests in select projects as well as develops, builds, and invests in its own projects and companies in select sectors. 


Shiboomi's Sector Experience:​
sports and entertainment.jpg
  • Biotechnology        

  • Industrial Internet of Things

  • Consumer Technology & Products

  • Sports & Entertainment    

  • Renewable Energy     

  • Environmental Technologies/ CleanTech

  • Natural Resources        

  • Medical Devices   

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Big Data

  • Robotics 

  • Sports Tech

  • Virtual Reality 

  • Med-Tech

  • Pharma   

  • Information Technology/Web-Based Technology

  • Power & Energy        

  • Healthcare        ​

  • Infrastructure Development    

  • Agricultural Technologies      

  • Food & Beverage