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Shiboomi was founded in 2003 by two partners with diverse expertise and backgrounds.  Gary Woolf was the CEO of Bob Woolf Associates, one of the world's largest sports and entertainment representation and marketing firms with a prominente clientele spanning most major sport and entertainment sectors.  Simultaneous to his business career, Gary was pursuing extensive training in the of Eastern medicine, meditation, philosphy, and self-healing techniques. Tom Fidel was a Captain in the US Marine Corps specializing in military operations, tactics, and strategy as well as leadership training.


Mr. Woolf and Mr. Fidel united with the vision to create a new company that combines both personal and corporate consulting with the mission of using their innovative, broad-ranging expertise and skills to assist leaders, companies, and organizations achieve growth in a balanced way to reach multi-dimensional success. 

Shiboomi's Partners
Our Team

Gary Woolf, Founder & CEO

Gary Headshot.JPG


Mr. Woolf is the Co-Founder & CEO of Shiboomi LLC.  Mr. Woolf has over 35 years of experience in leadership and entrepreneurial roles.  He has executed the Chief Executive position in enterprises in various industries including sports and entertainment, biotech, infrastructure project development, consumer products, and healthcare.

Mr. Woolf began his professional career as a sports agent for Bob Woolf Associates which was one of the leading sports and entertainment representation and marketing firms of its time.  The firm represented over 1,000 professional athletes and entertainers over its life cycle in contract negotiations. In addition, the company had a literary agency as well as business management and investment divisions.  At the age of 18, Mr. Woolf created his own business venture within the firm, representing NBA basketball players in their European efforts.  By the age of 20, he had negotiated contracts in the NFL, NBA, and Major League Baseball.  After graduating from Harvard University in 1987, he began taking on corporate development efforts for the firm, helping the company grow into new areas of business. In addition, at this time, as a result of personally experiencing the challenges that come with business success at a young age, Mr. Woolf began pursuing an education and training in the fields of Chinese medicine, Tai Qi, Qi Gong, and Taoist meditation to develop tools to balance the stresses and challenges that come with taking on leadership positions in the business world. 

During Mr. Woolf’s tenure with Woolf Associates the firm co-founded the Champions Sports Bar concept with the Marriott Corporation.  After his father's death, Mr. Woolf took over as CEO of the company and ran Woolf Associates through the sale of the company.  Mr. Woolf went on to co-found Shiboomi LLC.  As CEO of Shiboomi, Mr. Woolf has helped build many companies in a variety of industries around the world as well as found various companies and projects over the years.

Mr. Woolf was a Registered Investment Banking Representative and held FINRA Series 79 and Series 63 licenses from 2016-2021.  He served as Managing Director of Charles Towne Holdings, a firm that provides M&A, Private Placements, and other Financial Advisory services to companies worldwide and specializes in sports, entertainment, and media. 

Mr. Woolf is a cum laude graduate of Harvard University (BA in Economics).  He is also a graduate of the New England School of Acupuncture.  Mr. Woolf enjoys mentoring entrepreneurs and young companies and has served over the years as a mentor at the MassChallenge, a judge for the Big Booster International Startups Accelerator Program, a judge for the MIT CHIEF Business Plan contest, and a mentor for the Rice Business Plan contest.  He is also conversational in Mandarin Chinese.

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Mr. Fidel is the Co-Founder and the President of Shiboomi LLC.  He heads Shiboomi’s strategic initiatives as well as the company’s leadership training practice.  At the corporate and organization level, he focuses on developing leadership and management strategies and strengthening and maximizing efficiencies in each company's team, team dynamics, and internal elements to support growth and expansion and guide companies through transitions.  At the individual level, Mr. Fidel specializes in helping high performance individuals cultivate personal insight and strength to achieve their goals.

Mr. Fidel is also the Founder & CEO of Fidel Leadership Consulting, and has been advising, training, and counseling CEOs, celebrities, corporate executives, and high performance individuals through leadership challenges for the past 2 decades.   He also organizes and lectures at leadership seminars and conferences across the US for corporations, institutions, and high performance individuals. Mr. Fidel developed his expertise as a former Captain in the Marine Corps. where he specialized in counter-terrorism, human intelligence, and strategic planning. 


Mr. Fidel focuses mostly on Shiboomi's Management Consulting, Leadership Training, Crisis Navigation, Strategy Consulting, and Strategic Opportunities services.  For Shiboomi’s clients, Mr. Fidel focuses on developing leadership and management strategies and strengthening and maximizing efficiencies in each company's team, team dynamics, and internal elements to support growth and expansion and guide companies through transitions.


Mr. Fidel has held numerous Board positions over the years for both US and international companies and is currently serves as a Board Member of InSchoolbus, Inc.  Mr. Fidel holds a B.S. in Criminal Justice and he holds an M.A. in Organizational Leadership.


Tom Fidel, Founder & President

Morgan Rowe Woolf, Corporate Director

Morgan Headshot 2019.jpg

Morgan Rowe Woolf has 18 years of international corporate development, business development, strategic consulting, and investment banking experience across a wide variety of sectors and industries. Ms. Woolf specializes in market research, financial research, comp analysis, and data collection to support investment banking professionals in positioning and packaging companies for capital-raising campaigns, M&A opportunities, new market/international expansion, corporate development opportunities, and joint ventures and strategic partnerships. 

In 2019, Ms. Woolf co-founded and served as CEO of InSchoolbus, Inc, an education counseling and planning company.  In addition, Ms. Woolf is a PSA rated figure skating coach with 20 years of experience coaching competitive and recreational figure skaters.  She serves as the Head Coach of the Harvard University Figure Skating Team and helped develop and build a novel figure skating academy program for competitive athletes at the Elite Edge Skating Club in Wellesley, MA where she currently coaches students of all ages. Ms. Woolf has held numerous committee and board positions at US Figure Skating over the past 20 years. She was formerly a member of Team USA Figure Skating, was a US National Medalist and Junior international Grand Prix Finalist.

Ms. Woolf holds a BA in Government from Harvard University.

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