​Shiboomi's team of professionals & partners have the expertise and ability to address most major concerns in corporate development, finance, growth, & expansion for companies at critical stages of development.  We offer a comprehensive array of services to allow for the proper alignment, management, and coordination of all of the key elements, strategies, partnerships, and resources that are vital to accelerate an entity’s growth and success.  We take personal responsibility in guiding a company and its leadership executives through the variety of challenges they will face in the execution of particular strategic growth, development, and expansion opportunities.

Development & Execution of Strategic Growth Opportunities & Partnerships

  • Help target most suitable  target strategic partners for market expansion and growth opportunities.

  • Develop partnership strategies and structures.

  • Lead in negotiations and execution of partnerships and strategic alliances.

  • Develop & help execute growth & new market strategies.

  • Work with management teams to build business plans for new endeavors.

Strategy Consulting, Comprehensive Corporate Development, Business Planning, Financial Consulting, & Leadership Consulting

  • Develop comprehensive corporate development, business development, growth, and expansion strategies.

  • Create strategy, positioning, or re-positioning of programs for companies and institutions at critical stages of development.

  • Develop business strategies for companies entering new markets, expanding, or developing new lines of business.

  • Orchestrate the layering of business elements to ensure appropriate timing and to maximize value. 

  • Work with management teams to create documents, business plans, presentations, and materials to communicate company’s and/or program’s strategy, business plan, vision, and mission.

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Develop, Build, and/or Invest in Select Companies & Projects

  • Internally develop, build, & invest in growth companies. 

  • Invest in select projects & companies that our team has special interest & belief in.